Just Say No


Say you’re out with the girls, on vacation with drinking friends, at a dinner party or work function where alcohol is featured… what do you say when you’re offered a drink? Most likely, the people you are with have seen you drink – many times – and will be puzzled (possibly to the point of demanding an explanation) when you decline. Here are a few rote answers to try:

  • Trying to improve my sleep
  • Watching my cholesterol
  • Trying to lower my blood pressure
  • Trying to lose weight
  • Watching my carbs
  • Designated driver
  • Doesn’t mix with medications
  • Making healthier choices
  • Developed an allergy (upsets my stomach)
  • Training for a 5K
  • Just don’t feel like a drink
  • Feel so much better when I don’t drink
  • Choosing not to for personal reasons
  • I don’t drink
  • No Thanks!

As a bonus, when you say goodbye to alcohol, any one (or all) of these excuses may very well become truth!


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