The Dreamer Awakes


Do you remember your sleeping dreams? Mine often take flight the moment I open my eyes, but I find the more work I do with my dreams, the more they stick.

Several years ago, I bought a fantastic dream journal and spent the next couple of years diving into my dreams and learning to understand what they might be telling me. My husband would say dreams are just reflections of what’s going in our lives – remnants of something we watched on television. But dream aficionados tell us that dreams push past ego and mind clutter and dive right into the subconscious, giving us a sort of mainline into our deepest beliefs and ideas – the things our egos won’t allow us to see in the light of day.

All that said, I dreamed last night that my daughter and I moved into a college dormitory together. The room itself was rough – the door would lock, but you could easily pull it open, there was an electrical issue in the bathroom and the roof leaked. While it’s easy to think this is just nerves about an upcoming trip, where I will be staying in a dorm room, there’s more to it…

  • My daughter represents attributes of myself that I either don’t see or haven’t been able to see. Incidentally, my daughter is the most amazing person I know.
  • The dormitory represents a place of learning – someplace where you would live and learn, day and night.
  • The locked-but-not-locked door represents my thinking, which was once locked but can now be easily pulled open.
  • Electricity is a connection to power – in my dream, the fault was up high, at the ceiling; height beyond reach typically suggests God or a higher power.
  • And the roof is my armor, protection of the strongest kind, only this roof leaks – messages, ideas, new ways of thinking can slip right in.

It all adds up to a pretty profound sort of confirmation and assurance that I’m headed in the right direction! Keep reading, watching, listening to the learning around me, continue to work on my spiritual connections and have faith in my ability to be amazing in my own right!

If you’re interested in dream interpretation, my favorite dictionary is an old one by Wilda B. Tanner, called The Mystical Magical Marvelous World of Dreams. It’s out of print, but that’s a bonus – you can get a copy for under $2!


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